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What is SEO?

If you do not know, then don’t worry, i’ll explain exactly what it is and why it’s so important.

The first thing we do is figure out what the general public search for to find your products and/or services on the internet.

You must be wondering how could we know what people type into search engines?

Simple, there are analytics databases that hold this information and we’ve got access to them.

Next we look for keywords that are the most popular in the search results. With this information we can target the majority of potential traffic to your website.

The next thing we do is analyse the sites that already rank for these search phrases. This is called competitor analysis.

If these sites are well established, it might be hard to rank above them, but we do not just give up!! Its just best to know what you are up against.

Armed with the keywords and phrases we want your website to rank for, we build web pages that use them.

And No, not just adding the words into the page titles and description, its much more involved than that. We make sure the important parts of the page use the keywords we ant to rank for. But unfortunately it goes into a bit more detail, because if thats all it took, how would Google decide which page to put at #1 and which page to put at #10?

Other factors such as domain age, how many pages the site has etc. play a large roll, but there is one very important thing…. Links!! Unfortunately these aren’t the sites that you link your website to, but the sites that link to you. Why is this important you ask? Because search engines like Google know which website link to each other and a trusted site linking to your website, strengthens Google’s trust with your website. A lot like being recommended.

So, use words people search for, put them in important places on your pages, and get links that show Google your website is trusted.

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